Principal Message

SKS School is characterized by a powerful collaborative and professional culture. As we are committed to create future leaders with the firm belief that that dreams can be transformed into reality, hence we encourage our students to believe in vision, trust, teamwork and the power of relationship. The environment is meticulously nurtured which enables and encourages new ideas to flourish, which are required to excel in this informative globalized world.

SKS aims to provide a challenging and supportive environment for the best possible programs of academic and personal development through integrated studies and hands on participation in order to inspire the love of learning and accomplishment. The learning model of school is based on the use of latest technology in the classrooms and extensive use of visual learning throughout the curriculum. Smart classrooms and interactive boards, modern science and computer labs with internet broadband- connectivity and Wi-Fi facility, language lab, digital and conventional library, auditorium, amphitheatre and performing art rooms, fine arts and craft centers, multiple studios for Western and Indian dance and music and other facilities are meant to empower our students with precision and competency.

In the end, I assure you that we exploit all our capabilities to the fullest extent to bring out the best from the students and thus paving the path for their holistic development. They are made good human beings by all means to render their excellent services to all segments of the society & to the world at large.


Virender Singh